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Store Manager


As the Store Manager, she is the MAIN responsible person to protect and handle the store(s) and cargos in her possession, and carry on the following tasks with full responsibility, honesty, trust worthiness and professionalism;

General Job Description

  • Receive incoming cargos into the store(s), dispatching cargos from the store(s), organize and protect the store(s) and cargos, make proper reporting and follow appropriate formalities and procedures, etc.

Receiving Incoming Cargos into the Store(S):

  • Supervise the unloading process, make accurate count of each product (as per the cargo’s packing list), and assure efficient and professional stocking.
  • Issue and sign a “Goods Receiving Note” within a maximum period of two days from unloading; and notify management and hand over the original “Goods Receiving Note” to the financial department.

Dispatching Cargos from The Store(S):

  • Hand over the right cargo (products types) with the accurate count (exactly as per the sales invoices) to the designated company’s delivery driver or to the customer, against the sales invoice. And assure the signature of the recipient of the cargo evidencing the receiving of the cargo in full count and in good condition.
  • Hand over the requested samples against the exact “Samples Request Form” details; initially to the designated person, and “Samples Request Form” must be approved by the Finance Manager or the Commercial Manager in order to hand over samples.

Store(S) & Cargos Organization and Protection:

  • Assure full protection of the store(s) and all cargos in the store(s) from damage, theft, and negligence at all times; and be sure to keep and protect the store(s) keys with you at all times without any negligence.
  • To report in writing to the top management or Finance Manager or the Commercial Manager any possible vulnerability towards any possible threat that might lead to theft or damage towards the store(s) or the cargos.
  • Organize the products neatly, use pallets at all times; and assure the use of all company store requirements/ standards.

Stock Control and Management:

  • Monitor stocks incoming items to the warehouses from incoming shipments, and process the Process Goods Receiving Notes (GRN) by communicating with finance department;
  • Mining records in Accounting Software or recording the quantity received on the accounting software (System);
  • Good at inventory management; that is, respectable in handling stock card recording and maintaining up to date stock balance;
  • Timely store issues voucher and GRN management;
  • Self-monitor and reconcile company’s stocks counts in all warehouses with assistant stock keeper(s) on weekly, and monthly basis to be ready and reported to finance and other concerned departments.
  • Efficiently filing and safely securing all original Good Receipt Notes and the original Good Receiving Notes pads.


  • To weekly issue stock report (as per agreed format), and hand over original copy to concerned departments and managers.
  • At least 6 months prior to expiry, issue a warning expiry report of the products and their quantities;


She is expected and required to adhere to (but not limited to) the following ethical actions and personal behaviors:

  • During working hours, to use your time efficiently and productively.
  • Be honest with the company and any person involved in our business in any way possible.
  • Present the company with the highest professionalism and integrity.
  • Be devoted and sincere to the company and put the company’s interest before any.
  • During working hours, dress well, neat, and in professional manner at all times.
  • During working hours, respect the customers, the management, your direct supervisor(s), and all yours colleagues.
  • Not interfere with any other employees with their work in any way possible.
  • Take care of company’s properties at all times.
  • Keep professional discretion towards company’s sensitive information (if any) of any nature at all times.
  • Whenever in your possession, protect company’s interests and properties at all times.
  • To follow and abide to all procedures, rules, regulations and code of conduct related to the above assigned tasks and activities.

Number required: 1 (one) person; (Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply)

Advertised by: METI Trading Plc

Category: Accounting Department

Products Responsible For ፡ Commercial Products

Location: Addis Ababa, Bole Sub-city


  • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills, and attention to detail, ability to establish and work successfully with potential customers in the highest professionalism and in a team sprit;
  • Fluency or excellent communication skills in Amharic and English, written and verbal is highly required;
  • Well organized reporting system and demonstrated excellent self-management skills & practices;
  • Ability to make logical and timely decisions;
  • Good documentation skills;


  • Qualification: Bachelor Arts Degree in Accounting, or Business Management, Marketing 
  • Management or related fields or Level IV or Diploma in Accounting;
  • Work Experience: At least 2 (two) years of demonstrated work experience in Storekeeper for B.A.
  • or Minimum 3 Years Work Experience for Level IV/ Diploma with COC Certificate;

Werda 3 House No 410. Please identify the position for which you are applying in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.