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Finance Officers for kefeta project


Accumulates and manages financial data from source documents and verifies for accuracy. Prepares and maintains financial data for posting to reflect accurate accounting and distribution of income and expenses to appropriate accounts. Reconciles accounts and adjusts irregularities. Prepares financial analyses and a variety of financial reports as required. Make recommendations for improvement of accounting systems, methods, and techniques. Assists in training and directing the work of other employees, as assigned. 


  1.  Maintains financial records, inspects and receive financial documents of FGAE organize and file properly.
  2. Code and encode payments, collections, beginning account balances, and verify the accuracy of the entries to the computer.
  3. Monitor advance payments; ensure that they are settled timely with the necessary supporting documents,
  4. Control bank account balances and report when the balance is low so as to take the necessary action before checks are written.
  5. Verify check payments, handle checkbooks and vouchers with due care and in safety place;
  6. Prepare financial reports; organize the supporting documents in the manner required;
  7. Regularly update the charts of account for online accounting database, maintain backups, and administer the database;
  8. Ensure that financial management of the FGAE is in accordance with the general financial rules and gives advice and assistance in setting up systematic financial systems;
  9. Undertake regular and surprise cash on hand check and count, repot on the finding, recommend possible remedial action in case of violation of petty cash rules;
  10. Provides Technical Assistant and supportive supervision to work unit of the  Area office finance Team and ensure the Financial Health of the Area office;
  11. Providers technical Assistance  and guidance to Wouk Units Finance Team, project focal point etc
  12. Undertakes other related activities as instructed by his/her immediate supervisor.

Educational background:- MA/MBA/BA in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration

Work experience:– 2 years for MA/MBA and 4 years for BA degree  after graduation, shall posses  an extensive experiences in same or similar position in the NGO sector or donor funded project

Desirables:- Knowledge of the Human, Financial and supplies and GS  coordination and Management  with major decision makers are key. Computer skill in relevant  software desired