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Data collector

Project –National STI survey

– Directorate –under EPHI, HIV and TB directorate

-Duration: two months

-Required Number:  60(30 BSc Nurses/30 BSc lab)

Major duties and responsibilities:

The enumerator occupies the central position in the survey because he/she collects information from respondents. Therefore, the success of the STI survey depends on the quality of each interviewer’s work.

In general, once a selected facility has been located, the responsibilities of an interviewer include the following:

1. Attend and participate fully in training (main training)

2.Pre-test the survey instruments.

3.  Collecting sample, storing and transporting to the site/identified laboratory timely, maintain data quality,

4. Interviewing all eligible respondents in the facility using the appropriate questionnaire

5.Checking completed questionnaires to be sure that all questions were asked and the responses neatly and legibly recorded

6 .Taking blood and swab specimen according to standard/ the survey standard protocol.

7.Maintain good team spirit with team members (co-enumerator and supervisor)

8.Collect data as per protocol, including following skip patterns, and asking questions as instructed

9.Report all best practices and challenges to the supervisor

10.  Forward to the supervisor all completed questionnaires daily

11. Work under the supervision/guidance of the field supervisor

·  Must have B.Sc. Nursing, or degree in Medical doctor and BSc in medical laboratory.

·  Must have at least two years’ experience in clinical area as clinician (direct on STI management will be an asset)

·  Training on STIs and syndromic management,

·   Must able to collect swab sample from urethra and vaginal/cervix, Able to draw blood and test STI using RDT.

·  Able to do gram stain and sample preparation for culture test. (Laboratory personnel)

·  Able to collect data through ODK.

Additional Job Requirements:

.  Experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis

.  Computer programming experience is preferred

.  ODK training

.  Excellent communication skills

.  Good written and spoken English and other local language is advantageous

.  Ability to build rapport and feel comfortable working in a team

.  Ability to read text, absorb and pick out the interesting, important and relevant parts

.  Willingness to learn and develop skills

.  Knowledge of data backup/recovery

.  Experience with database management using CSPro

Note Interested applicants can register in Online through only  <a href="” target=”_blank”>   send their CVs and relevant documents at the address given below within 7  days from the first appearance of the announcement

Remarks: please attach copies of transcript, academic degree, and recommendation letters together with application letter.