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icipe is a pan-African and non-profit Centre of Excellence for research and development and capacity building in insect science and its applications. Its mission is to help alleviate poverty, ensure food and nutritional security and improve the overall health status of peoples of the tropics by developing and extending management tools and strategies for harmful and useful arthropods, while preserving the natural resource base through research and capacity building. Since its establishment in 1970, icipe has become a significant contributor to science and innovation required to meet the health and food security challenges of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The Centre has achieved this status by developing alternative and environmentally friendly pest and vector management technologies and products that are effective, selective, non-polluting, non-resistance inducing, and are affordable to resource-limited rural and urban communities. icipe is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with offices in Ethiopia and Uganda, a major station on the shores of Lake Victoria, and several other field stations in Kenya. Employing close to 500 international and national staff, icipe also has approximately 150 graduate students who contribute to its research portfolio annually. The Centre currently has operations in more than 40 African countries, and thriving partnerships with universities and research organizations across the world. (

 Scope of the service

icipe intends to address the emotional need of its staff members through Psychosocial Support/trauma management training. Accordingly, a three-day training will be organized for 13-16 staff member. The first two days will be invested on group sessions and on the third day for individual counselling sessions. The training will adopt methods and practices that can be used to assist individual employees to better rehabilitate from the psychosocial problems(stress) they may have experienced and assist them to cope better to everyday life (work + personal life).

Objective of the service

The objective of the training is to support and enable icipe MOYESH Programme staff to manage the psychological stress/trauma and to build their resilience.

Basic components to be addressed during the training days:

  • Psychoeducational group therapy that focuses on educating staff members about their conditions and providing them with new coping strategies.
  • Information processing therapy to reduce trauma related stress and strengthen adaptive beliefs in staff.
  • Present-focused treatment to help individuals staff attain a sense of safety and security.
  • Psychotherapy that aims to help staff manage stress/mental health conditions or cope with negative experiences and behaviors.
  • Building cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal skill sets so as to rebuilding a sense of hope for the future.

Training Participants

  • A total of 13 icipe staff is expected to take part in the training. 

Training days:

  • The training will be conducted for three consecutive days.


  • Psychosocial support/Trauma management training will be delivered in a form of group session for 13 staff members.
  • Individual counseling with those who wish to engage in one-to-one session after the group session.
  • Training report to be organized and submit by the facilitator.

The service provider will be required to have the following:

  • The trainer should have a minimum of BA degree in Psychology and four years’ experience.
  • Experience of organizing Psychosocial Support/Trauma Management training for development actors, including donors, research & development intuitions, and civil society organizations.
  • Hands on expertise and experience in supporting staff who pass through stressful situation.
  • Experience in using group and individual counseling skills.  

Consultant who meets the requirements should submit an expression of interest which includes the following: