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Branch Manager


Positive action for Development (PAD) is an Ethiopian resident’s charity organization. The organization was legally registered at Federal level by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Charities and Societies agency on June 6/2011 with a registration number 2330. The organization has also been re-registered and accorded legal personality with registry number 2330 on May 22, 2019 as Local Organization in accordance with the civil society Organization proclamation No. 1113/2019. PAD would like to hire qualified professionals for the following position.

Duties and responsibilities

General duties and responsibilities

  • In charge of the day to day running of the programs division in Dire Dawa
  • In charge of human resource management in the branch in liaison with the national headquarters
  • Liaise with the national headquarters on administrative and policy matters as per existing organizational governance regulations
  • Ensure resource mobilization for branch programs and activities
  • Ensure timely reporting to national headquarters, government partners and donor agencies as may be required
  • In charge of the organization’s facilities in the branch
  • Coordinate all branch standing committee meetings and all other meetings at the branch level as per pad policy
  • Ensure sustainability of the branch
  • Oversee and ensure effective program management at the branch
  • Responsible for financial management at the branch and ensure that internal controls are adhered to
  • Ensure development and adherence to annual plans and budgets as per the existing strategic plan
  • Formally represent the organization the region of assignment
  • Participate in national meetings and events as required
  • Work with the head office in recruitment of staff , development and retention at the branch level
  • Ensure capacity building and orientation for staff and volunteers is done, in liaison with the national headquarters
  • Networking and collaboration with partners undertaking similar activities

Strategic Development & Implementation

  •  Oversee the planning, implementation and management of all programs/projects in the branch
  • Actively seek out partners working in related fields and develop a strategy with which the branch work its partners
  • Seek out and develop new strategies for ensuring future resources and seek opportunities to expand and promote awareness of the organization’s work
  • Closely work with the organization head office in resource mobilization

Financial Planning & Management

  •  Prepare periodic financial plan for the branch and request budget from the head office and make sure it is properly utilized
  • Report budget utilization to the head office and
  • Ensure that the branch has the human, material and financial resources it needs to operate effectively
  • Develop and manage the project budget, ensuring efficient and timely use of resources
  • Coordinate with the head officer to prepare monthly financial reports for donors, government offices and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Build financial support for the organization by researching, identifying, and cultivating, new prospects, existing  donors, and by supporting  Local resource mobilization  

Program Management

  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of all ‘departments’ of Positive Action For Development
  • Responsible for managing all the programs of the organization
  • Ensure all stakeholders including  donors, government offices and community  receive regular updates

 Planning & Communication:

  •  Prepare organizational annual work plans that detail program tasks, resource requirements and timelines
  • Prepare quarterly project reports for Positive Action For development  Board of Directors
  • Officially Represent Positive Action For Development  at meetings with  government, donors and working partners
  • Ensure that the Project Agreement between donors and the government is followed
  • Cooperation strategic
  • Guarantee the flow of internal information through adequate tools and channels for relevant stakeholders through reports, assessments and evaluation

Reported :

  • Executive Director 

  Employment type:  On contractual base 

Interested and qualified applicants should submit their application letter and required documents within seven consecutive days from the date of this announcement to the following address (in person or through organizational email). 

Addis Ababa, Bole Sub-city Woreda 04, House No 774 around Dr. Haddis Alemayehu School